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Folk of specimen of Henan ancient pottery and porcelain collects high-quality go
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"This can be to be tasted really, time is very ages ago, can says is high-quality goods of pillow of porcelain of magnetism city kiln. " yesterday, the folk of specimen of Henan ancient pottery and porcelain that holds in guild hall of love of Henan an ancient name for China collects high-quality goods to exhibit on, the staff member of the spot introduced to the person that look around " pillow of Song Daigui Fu " .

This pottery and porcelain connects body white, it is an elegant gentlewoman figure, pillow makes the appearance on one gentlewoman side bed, It is pillow face with gentlewoman waist, modelling designs having a unique style. Pillow is about 40 centimeters long, model one features pretty, bob leg of curl up of left arm of fleeciness, headrest, sideways, sleeps with the garment belle figure, bearing peaceful is easy and comfortable, yi Wen is fluent, pillow body glair does tooth yellow, it is one of masterpiece of china of magnetism city kiln.

According to introducing, porcelain pillow sees the earliest at Sui Dai, gold is reached in two the Song Dynasty, yuan period, the prosperity that entered development period. In this period, the china art achievement that takes the place of with the Song Dynasty is top. And porcelain pillow respect, song Dai with magnetism city kiln, when kiln of in relief valley, gather up village kiln, ascend the place that seal kiln to go out for many.

Exhibit in this on the meeting, still exhibited the numerous porcelain pillow such as pillow of traditional Chinese painting of beautiful women, the smallest three-color glazed pottery that should belong to Tang Dynasty is pictographic pillow of arteries and veins, it grows to have 10 centimeters about, modelled a lifelike small pictographic elephant. After 2000, as people the self-identity of artistic to porcelain pillow value, the integral price of porcelain pillow rises again, especially the Song Dynasty, yuan the porcelain pillow high-quality goods of period, it is partial collector people the key of angle, market price also is in 10 thousand yuan of above. In addition, the porcelain pillow high-quality goods of a few kiln has amounted to 1 million yuan. If 2001 Su Fu of American new York compares a sale,can go up the porcelain pillow of Song Dairu kiln clinchs a deal with 1.5 million dollar.

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