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Tibet of art of home of prospective · happiness tastes appreciate activity.
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Yang Zhenhua of jade article expert (left one) enjoying jade article to Cang Youjian. Piece Dong Wei is photographed

Article of Song Dai money of strange report of Dong Shuai of reporter Zhang Dongwei's trainee is Brown an album of paintings or calligraphy of pillow, clear acting authentic work, have tall the jade article that collects value... the prospective · that will hold on October 11 is good home, many curiosa make expert of cultural relic appraisal feel accident.

That day morning 9 when, first art hides home of prospective · happiness restaurant of international of the city in tasting appreciate activity to be in is held. Famous Gu Yujian of professor of part-time job of college of committee member of committee of appraisal of national cultural relic, Tsinghua, China decides an expert Yang Zhenhua, province painting and calligraphy collects association chairman Hu Jutang, province painting and calligraphy collects Zhang Zonghai of association deputy secretary-general, open leap forward of the Kingdom of Wei of prexy of big arts and crafts and Sui of committee member of committee of appraisal of province cultural relic to become wait for an expert to visit spot appraisal. So big auditoria, sit early full the citizen that before hearing the news, comes. Appraisal spot, friend of nearly 100 Tibet holds date card, ordinal the Tibetan treasure that the expert lets be his before going up has identification. The even more that a few experts hold to hide friendly place 100 painting and calligraphy, jade article, china had free identification. The Dai Qianwen of a the Song Dynasty that discovered a place Tibetan friend is held among them is Brown the pillow is curiosa, should belong to a country 2 class cultural relic.

Appreciate is met on, the country is famous Yang Zhenhua of expert of ancient jade appraisal expresses to the reporter, carry this appreciate activity, discovered many treasure, unseal it is thus clear that civilian Tibet treasure is absent a few. In the meantime, unseal the state of mind that conceals friend also makes Yang Zhenhua impressive. She says, no matter of him place Tibet is real good-for-nothing or queer character, tibet is friendly people can face with a common heart, this kind faces the state of mind that Tibet tastes with common state of mind, the specification hid friendly quality to had reached fixed arrangement.

In addition, can go up in this appreciate, sponsor just invited Shangrenyi, Xu Shouyi, Xu Yun designedly the book of name of much famous work such as hill of agrarian, Li Yong, Song Gang, Yang Hui the painter writes a book to make a picture in the spot, can make the same score for appreciate added many culture flavor.

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