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Fair of trade of culture of tea of course of study of tea of 2008 Shenzhen inter
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In press conference spot, shenzhen city trade closes to conference chairman He Xuewen recommends international tea rich to meet to all circles guest.

Through a series of prepare meticulously, be in China to be able to exhibit Shenzhen of town of military importance of course of study,

This is closed to by Shenzhen city trade U.N. border of chamber of commerce of international of city of meeting, Shenzhen, Hong Kong exhibits limited company and Shenzhen city Hua Juchen industrial limited company is collective and elaborate make, the whole nation basically produces tea division branch of director of government of 17 provinces city, municipality and industry (business) association your kind effort assist the tea gain that manage is met, will exhibit a center to be held ceremoniously at coming to will be met in Shenzhen on December 14 on December 11, 2008.

Yesterday morning, commerce of culture of tea of course of study of Shenzhen international tea read extensively 2008 turn around a press conference, in edifice of chamber of commerce of international of area of Shenzhen CBD center muti_function hall is held. Shenzhen city trade closes to why conference chairman learns article gentleman to lead tea gain conference organizing committee received friend of all directions guest: Yunnan province government is stationed in Gao Ping of deep agency vice director, Fujian 6 fort of city of state of Wu of Qian Xiaoxian of deputy secretary-general of association of culture of tea of province of Xu Shaoming of money of Chen Ze of director of bureau of trade of tea of city of Wu Yi hill, deputy director general, Sichuan, Guangxi tea association, and delegate of each big company honored guest is red Yao Yan becomes year old of tea cause president, president of plant of tea of Zhang Zhijiang of president of limited company of Zhang Chaye of mark of 8 Wu Qing of Ma Chaye general manager, general Er, old sharp old.

The reporter learns, the organizing committee already started all-around media offensive, the propagandist tide that rich of 2008 international tea meets already began places of interest this locality and countrywide media, network media, outdoors reach the numerous media such as minute of numerous medium.

The organizing committee expresses at the same time, current tea rich is met with " promote culture of tea course of study, promotion ethical brand, guide green health harmony of industry of consumption, stimulative tea develops " for the theme, in order to promote trade of trade of tea culture, stimulative tea, breed a brand to exhibit for core, integrated advantage resource, the area with sufficient play distinctive Shenzhen advantage, around " go " and " introduce come " development tenet, meaning of organizing committee acute maintains tea rich to meet internationally, authority, professional, devote oneself to to be able to make tea gain hand in meeting, Wen Bo high for Shenzhen afterwards rich of meeting, content the meeting, Jinbohui, meeting that achieve gain, how to prevent exhibit etc exhibit the calling card of another piece of city after the meeting.
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