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Museum of Guangdong province flow head area of the Shan that enter tide exhibits
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Cultural relic of new stone vessel is returned " birthplace "

Southern daily dispatch (reporter / Li Pei) " holding of province nature science tastes those who occupy complete Guangdong Tibet to taste 1/4, the one part in them went to remote wet Shan region to exhibit likely eventually. " today, the house of the 68th cent of museum of the flow that save rich is in wet Shan area " pitch a camp " , the first flow museum of wet Shan area " foothold " open business receive a visitor. But reporter discovery, this museum is in the urban district or county of villages and towns without the choice, and anthology was in south tide of Shan head city the stay of beauty spot of celestial being lake of town of area celestial being.

Be in place to receive province flow museum " settle " , the town south Shan head tide civilian give out Qian Xingjian oneself the archaize that tile of blueness of a three-layer carries part Xiaolou, this lets a long way carrying data of one case cultural relic from Guangzhou and Xiao Qia dragon touchs the province museum curator that come unceasingly.

"Complete province museum has the Tibet that register to taste many 40, can offer an exhibition exhibit an area to have 180 thousand square metre only, distributing as a result of area inhomogenous, cause holding of a few nature science to taste overmuch, field to be not worth cannot reveal; And across, the museum of a few remote regions exhibits without item on display however. " the dragon that be like be in harmony says, search the new foothold that visits museum of going from place to place to be in wet Shan area, one paragraph is recalled afresh by dusty archaeology story.

"Be in namely beauty spot of lake of this celestial being, 1956, mixed 1958 1960, department of history of university of Zhongshan of combination of museum of branch of province cultural relic, province sends the hangover of disinter The Neo-lithic Age here. " the dragon that be like be in harmony tells a reporter, to search this paragraph of history, province museum staff member was opened dusty long already cultural relic storeroom, found worker of the archaeology 50 years ago to send the stone implement of a batch of The Neo-lithic Ages that disinter comes to, crockery not only, still found a lot of precious pictures, for instance in Shang Chengzun of big distinguished professor discovers crockery in the spot and demonstrate to clear to the classmate the photograph of hangover process, these old photographs already floated yellow.

Taking the cultural relic that by expert of older generation archaeology disinter of the hair 50 years ago comes to and old picture, the dragon that be like be in harmony is getting the staff member that save rich to come to beauty spot of celestial being lake by the villager people initiative build the Xiaolou that rise, decorated with one's own hands " picture of cultural relic of the The Neo-lithic Age austral tide is exhibited " . "For this flow museum, experts found the cultural relic that reflects history of this place ancestor, bring back them from the storeroom that close ' birthplace ' reveal, most propbably can produce distinct all the more effect to the villager around. Most propbably can produce distinct all the more effect to the villager around..
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