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Heart palace Tibet is tasted in exhibit.
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Xinhua net Berlin on October 11 report (reporter Hu Xiaobing) mix by museum of Chinese the Imperial Palace German heart is tired this what national art house holds jointly is medium heart palace Tibet is tasted exhibit 10 days to be in Germany heart of city of the eastpart part is tired this palace is begun, a batch of artistic high-quality goods are in the Imperial Palace first heart is tired this appear suddenly.

The exhibition exhibited China bright, two acting palace and German Sa Kesen choose Qing Dynasty the artistic curiosa that palace of Hou of the Supreme Being collects in contemporaneity makes an appointment with 400, include brushwork, porcelain among them,

Heart is tired this Luo Te of fourth · of horse of curator of national art house expresses, although Sa Kesen palace is a lot of smaller than Chinese palace, tibet is tasted not as good as the Imperial Palace is rich, but certain respect still can be rivalled with the Imperial Palace, and the Sa Kesen palace at that time is Europe " China is hot " center, the Chinese handicraft that collect is very much, for example the china of Ming Dynasty and Kang Xi year the Tibet between is tasted. Duan Yong of assistant dean of museum of the Imperial Palace says, will bilateral item on display is the same as with comparative means room showpiece, can see the Chinese art at that time already had very large force in Europe. The item on display that this the Imperial Palace offers has 120 (set) , can include the Imperial Palace before Tibet tastes abroad exhibition 10 from the amount.

This one problem is " Jin Long and Yin Ying " exhibition by a definite date 3 month, it is this year heart is tired this " China year " the program that press an axis. Next year April, the Tibet that Sa Kesen chooses palace of Hou of the Supreme Being is tasted will exhibit in museum of Beijing the Imperial Palace.

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