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Jingdezhen pottery and porcelain draws art is exhibited hot.
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Report from our correspondent (thorn of blessing of reporter the Song Dynasty) by Jiangxi province Jingdezhen art communicates chamber of commerce of center, Jiangxi, Tianjin company of artwork of Jin Taihua culture sponsor " pottery and porcelain of first Jiangxi Jingdezhen draws art is exhibited " 8 days in this city Jiangxi edifice, attracted lover of a lot of this city art of pottery and porcelain. 5 artists that come from Jingdezhen also explain relevant knowledge seriously for lover in the spot.

In the exhibition, artistic Great Master brought many 100 white embryo, reached oven area to show the scene, show skill of masterly fire of pottery and porcelain to ferry city people, and the spot is fire of lover of art of pottery and porcelain.

Yesterday, the peak of Li Yi of home of painting and calligraphy of Wang Ming and the artist Xu Guosheng that comes from Jingdezhen, Lin Zhengmao, Chen Jisong, Wu Zhihui, Tianjin, Wang Yinjiang, Ren Huan, Du Mingcen, attracted numerous the person that look around stops watch.

The exhibition exhibits 8 days in all to 15 days from 8 days. Will hold in the spot today " perfect conjugal bliss " the special subject activity such as new personality special performance. Artists will are " new personality " work of pottery and porcelain of fire of spot brushwork, spot. Tomorrow, still will hold " expert appreciate " activity, for art of pottery and porcelain by the artist of Jingdezhen lover holds a chair.

The graph is: Pottery and porcelain draws artist Wu Zhihui is the person that look around to explain his work. Yaowen of our newspaper reporter is unripe photograph

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