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Mention the technology filling scene of famille rose
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1, the render that do not have bone writes lubricious law: Some pictures need not double tick off expression to give depth light and shade with makings colour however, tick off arteries and veins giving muscle again, what be about to master appearance outline when the begin to write or paint that fill scene so is accurate. Be like, a burgeon, dry go up to give the dark a few shadows that tear open grain with brunet colour only, the form that accords with object body requirement is filled again when filling scene. Need to master an appearance when fill, still master colorific thickness appropriately the requirement makes the same score divide evenly and natural, place of this kind of brushwork shows the picture meaning that come to be like traditional Chinese painting to do not have spirit law effect.
2, double tick off dozen of emerald green bottom to write lubricious law: Go up in law of double draw the outline of constant not colour makings bottom, the depth of such branches and leaves is old tender rely on render color to foil. Commonly used impression has An Cui, clean yellow, kermes, it is commonly emerald green bottom is hit in branches and leaves, apex can be hit fizzle out completely, great green pain can be used after working green fill hood, burgeon leaf hits kermes bottom, every makes the place of kermes, the attention wants to cannot build too thick green when filling scene above, lest firing hind show ribbon ash.
3, receive the lubricious standard that fill scene: A leaf or branches and leaves want to receive outstanding colour to change on the picture, be about to use the method that receive expression, go up in coloured drawing or pattern from brunet to light color, not be will behave with the thickness of color, use however colorless and transparent snow-white receive fill those who will behave, as to color itself thickness, still keep consistent, if fill a Xie Jian to take the leave of withered color, have to fill suffering first green, need to be received with ochre to apex place fill, if one limb old handle is cinnamon burgeon,be reseda, with respect to Ying Xiantian ochre arrives burgeon part, receive again fill light green. Can make color nature is changed so unapt curt. Its operation method is: Want above all receive two kinds of facial expression that fill, use at the same time fill a pen to make bid, buy good material, fill proper seat when the first kind of color, take the 2nd kind of color to receive again fill, want to be received, anything but can when filled the first kind of color to take the 2nd kind of color to come again mark, add makings receive fill at the same time of all kinds fills a pen to want departure, cannot operable; Next, dichromatic receive fill place should draw color band the belt is smooth, won't create curt and inflexible sense so. The law that receive expression is used in not only fill flowers branches and leaves to go up, the feather that stuffing bird of of all kinds, and when filling land for building, also can use. Apply the law that receive expression to be able to make color change substantial, make draw the effect of dramatic nature.
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