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Mention the technology filling scene of famille rose
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Hit after good Bo is white, need to wash catch, filling good Bo to go up in vain wash catch, the character clothing lines that can make draw or it is flowers is achieved contain pink and chromatic the feeling that has depth change. Have kermes, clean yellow, clean pain with the color that will wash commonly green, clean big green, eggplant the color such as violet, An Cui, Bao La, and with kermes most. Wash catch oil is washed with bath two kinds, each have different technique and characteristic. Oil is washed master more easily, tonal all fine workmanship is whole, can make most picture gets unity, use at especially mass-produced when, use this method mostly. Bath law rate is rapidder, the effect is dramatic and have lasting appeal, but master not easily, have not popularize in great quantities so.

Narrate this minute as follows:
(Armour) it is the most general that oil washs a law wash a law one kind, need to use two branches pen when washing color, one branch washs oily pen, catch for washing only with, pen of one branch color, use for writing lubricious place, its notice:
1, when washing color, hit with color pen makings, want to hit divide evenly repeatedly, if have rough stuff spot, want to be carried with nib at any time. Makings sex wants old tender appropriate, too tender metropolis influence washs the old lady color. After making good material, can begin to wash catch, first from in start to write or draw, be like big peony, answer to begin from valve root first; The valve of lotus criterion from valve pointed start to write or draw, by come greatly shallow, bring shade of a few thickness, use to easier part wash catch a pen to wash. Wash a pen to want to retain soft benefit clean, dip in at any time take tender oil, on the pen cannot too dry or too wet, carry pen wants brushstroke to follow trait, slowly wash piece, cannot everywhere chaos is washed, and want use sordid stain color material at any time wash nib to carry obliterate to paper, such ability make lubricious face well-balanced, depth is proper.
2, wash a pen to go up to be able to touch camphor oil anything but, if touch camphor to the meeting when oil is washed washs makings line and cannot remedy, and, also do not dip in at will other oil, lest be washed bad.
3, oil and hydration are washed should wash water color first, oil of the reoccupy after working is washed, otherwise cannot firing.
4, should have covered after color pen and oily pen are gone, with preventing to fall grey influence is washed next time catch.
(Second) water Shenyang law manipulates handy, rate fast, effect is good, but when a large number of duplicating, very inaccessible unified, general in the past a be confined to is abluent color, because color is light and this kind is thin, do not come to be affected to the picture too big, formalities goes to the lavatory again.

Famille rose fills color scenicly to have 3 kinds of methods roughly, these 3 kinds of methods often are united in wedlock rise apply, besides, also fill sometimes emerald green, the pine is green wait for opaque color, even also color of the Bai Xi that fill Bo makes spot, the component of 3 kinds of methods that will use normally now narrates as follows:
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