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Mention the technology filling scene of famille rose
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Of famille rose firing temperature wants than new variety tall, than traditional decoration slightly low, control in 700 ℃ about, dye masters the hardest with kermes, temperature on the high side or on the low side affect lubricious range, so general with kermes show color to serve as a standard.

The production of famille rose porcelain, it is a very painstaking work. Its any segment is very important, cannot neglect any link, include white birth, implement form, glaze, and the stand or fall of picture craft, fill lubricious actor bad, of calligraphy and money make an on-the-spot investigation, it is more important to still have is furnace baked wheaten cake becoming temperature will be to make the move with indispensable artwork of each elegant pottery and porcelain.

In famille rose porcelain in filling scene, want to master well, must pass long-term training and work, ability makes gimmick and color achieve very good union result. In famille rose in filling scene, hitting Bo is law of a fundamental skill in vain, it affects the quality of picture of coloured drawing or pattern and result directly.

Must notice when use:
1, what uses Bo wants hit in vain is extremely fine, the Bo with fine beat a drum of course big earthen bowl is white, rework of hammer of small beat a drum is used on small small plate even when using beat a drum is fine.
2, expect what should use is fresh, had better use now show beat a drum. The makings on small dish is put aside long can change incomplete, makings can lose adhesiveness.
When filling scene, must notice:
1, mark should have been made, the mark with white Bo cannot be made so that mix water color is euqally thick, dip in when expecting white dish edge is cast aside, should expect water can flow more quickly only can.
2, color dips in on the pen more or less should look what to write area volume and be decided, best can fill, be like an area relatively gist dips in more some of color, fill from the back should shake the pen at any time, the makings that makes the place on the pen is contained gives out entirely. Encounter the beard with large area to receive sometimes when filling, had better avoid contact to picture stricture or not important place, lest appear wiring, affect whole picture.
3, before writing character picture, must wipe a graph, wiping a graph is the ash that use boiler or plumbic pink. The pink that use lead wipes a graph to wipe a graph to facilitate without boiler ash fill scene. The gain that wipes a graph with boiler ash is: Easy hold off color, because be contained inside boiler smoke oleaginous, color is stuck not easily lean, won't make line ambiguous; The pink that use lead is wiped master not easily, but the character setting landscape that draws with place of plumbic pink arrange, the color of “ dead ” that stone first class can make fill shrinks not easily color. Not which kinds of method wipes appoint graph, the ministry should notice weather changes. Sunshine, the line on porcelain face is dry, the gas that breathe out a mouth wipes graph line to be able to maintain again do not take off, wet, line easy be affected with damp be affected with damp wipes a graph cannot breathe out, if carelessness, can wipe go pen mark, or make line breaks a red-letter day. Anyhow appropriate is dry should not be wet.
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