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Yuan, bright, the distinction of Qing Qinghua china compares a list
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The embryo is qualitative: The embryo is qualitative harder, compact, it is good that porcelain changes rate (alleged China's true china) , the embryo is qualitative exquisite, fetal color is whiter, implement system is smaller, have loquat singularly very much red.

Ground-coat enamel: Ground-coat enamel is hoar summary extensive is green, give a person the sense with brightness (Kang Xi, Qianlong is the whitest, alleged and sizy white) . Enamel is fine and thin, vitrification pitch is good, colour and lustre is dazzling, have bit of offending to the eye, not quite implicative.

Grain act the role ofing: With the pen fine, rigorous. Composition of a picture relatively design is changed, it is overcautious and inflexible even, more person is consciousness. Subject matter much archaize, with lucky kind design is given priority to.

Blue material: Homebred blueness expects: Makings of cobble blueness, bright phearl, ocean is blue.

Fire craft: Scarce kiln is red, shrink glair. Carve implement do not see interface basically, implement sufficient root round muddy is like rush root. Do not see acerbity group, it is glair bottom more. Jump singularly knife, stick arenaceous mark.

Inscriptions: Li Chaojun has, design diversity, have money of blue beautiful book, shade, this world cuts a fund, model, seal all has.

Origin:   qualitative Zhan

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