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3 generation mix clear Kang Yongqian 6 kinds of combination of colour porcelain
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Combine 3: In glair red be united in wedlock with what fight colour

The colour porcelain development of Qianlong period is quite rapid, glair appears first in this government products in red the mixture colour porcelain that is united in wedlock with the photograph that fight colour. Because Kang Xi period ever had had glair in red the precedent with multicoloured union (1) seeing a picture, so in glair red the mixture variety that combines with the photograph that fight colour is recipient also, insufficient to was blamed (4) seeing a picture.

Combine 4: Blueness spends the couple with famille rose

Green flower is multicoloured only then Yu Mingchu Xuan Dechao, period of clear Dai Kangxi ever also continued make, mature as the development of course of study of porcelain of Jingdezhen famille rose, green flower and the blueness that famille rose photograph combines spend famille rose to arise naturally also, a large number of making is in after Qianlong. (See a picture 5, graph 6)

Combine 5: Fight the union of colour and enamel colour

Health, harmony, male the porcelain fighting colour of period is made quite elegant, divide a lot of containing outside famille rose characteristic, still put in the products fighting colour with enamel colour distinct feature (7) seeing a picture, compare like the mixture colour porcelain that the red photograph that fight colour combines in the glair that mentions in porcelain of this kinds of mixture colour and above paragraphs scarce. Here need is a bit more compensatory, famille rose and enamel colour expect in certain colour the Dou Chengming when fire shows raised trait, accordingly implement the 7 mixture colour porcelain that are a bottle of colour and famille rose likely also.

Combine 6: The green flower, union that fights colour, your glair, famille rose to wait

Bottles all sorts of most complex should belong to the Imperial Palace of Beijing showing Tibet Qianlong glair prize in mixture colour porcelain are big, the colour below glair of collect of this kinds of porcelain (green flower) , the colour in glair (green glair of your glair, beans) and the colour on glair (famille rose, Jin Cai) be equal to an organic whole, make clear generation the most complex, and provide representative mixture colour porcelain most (8) seeing a picture.

4, summary

The person that as a result of Jingdezhen of Kang Yong period drive factory makes china masters of colour stage by stage to ab extra enamel with understanding, porcelain is versed in people successful development goes accord with oneself to develop the drive factory famille rose with condition, flowery colour, this one great history changes the rapid development that promoted porcelain of drive factory colour, drove other the chain innovation of porcelain of a lot of colour. Be versed in when drive factory kiln arduous when the colour china that makes these be full of acting breath of full-bodied Qing Dynasty, also make china of drive factory colour insensibly push again to historical summit summit.
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