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3 generation mix clear Kang Yongqian 6 kinds of combination of colour porcelain
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3, clear the mixture colour of 3 generation

The ceaseless maturity that makes technology as a result of porcelain of clear acting primary color develops, the person that Jingdezhen drive factory makes china is drawn lessons from mix colour porcelain originally before (for example beautiful, green flower fights Huang Deqing colour, green flower is multicoloured wait for) , make this period the mixture colour porcelain of bright characteristic.

Group syncretic: In glair red with multicoloured union

Bright, quiet period, because copper expects (in glair red) hair is lubricious difficulty of not stable, fire is greater, cause drive works its are used to replace glair below a lot of circumstances after mastering fire of red variety of the vitriol on glair in red (bright later period is multicoloured in porcelain particularly apparent) . Qing Kangxi period, because porcelain project is right in glair of red implements fire accurate hold and vitriol of lubricious excel of glair Li Gongfa is red, this kinds of goods is made in great quantities by drive factory again. Spend the foundation of red goods in glair to go up in original blueness at the same time, in innovation use glair red replace vitriol red be united in wedlock with the colour on glair of other low temperature, make mixture colour china of Cheng Xinying. In existent Kang Xi glair jar of red multicoloured water, apple honour the representative goods that can says is porcelain of this kinds of mixture colour.

Combine 2: Fight the union of colour and famille rose

As the ceaseless development of technology of porcelain of colour of Kang Xi period, jingdezhen drive factory has made typical famille rose china in Kang Xi evening, in the meantime, in applying famille rose the green beautiful porcelain that fight colour, make many goods fighting colour of this period faint contain famille rose to taste. From Kang Xi evening begins, the famille rose feature in the green beautiful porcelain that fight colour basically expresses petaline now apply colours to a drawing place, what Shanghai museum hid out-of-round of ear of grain of the flowers that fight colour to reflect this feature adequately.

Implement 2 because do not have inscribe, be in from leaf somewhat in light of characteristic of famille rose of Kang Xi olfactory, yongzheng is inchoate goods possibility is larger. Implement 3 fall Yong Zhengnian of “ big Qing Dynasty makes ” blueness spend seal word money, colour expects hair color, application is very proper, because this speculation is goods of Yong Zheng later period (3) seeing a picture. Basis implement 2 with implement it is more mature that the photograph of close-up of famille rose place of 3 can see latter famille rose style is formerer apparently. Actually bypass implement 2, implement 3, observation health, harmony, male the porcelain fighting colour of 3 face, when design of use flowers grain, the mix colors of petaline place can see the sign of famille rose almost.
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